Swinging From The Christmas Lights: Part 3

At Christmas, who has time to stop for peace? We've got just a few ideas we'd like to share with you of how to do just that. Here's part 3 of our Christmas series...

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#3 Rethink Christmas Morning

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If the desire for each of us is that we could bring Christmas back to being about the birth of Christ, rethink how you structure that morning.  I love hearing families tell stories about re-ordering their morning to better reflect the meaning of that day.  One family crawled into bed together and read the Christmas story from the Bible before they stepped foot downstairs to see gifts or unwrap any presents.  Other families choose to only give 3 gifts the morning of Christmas to reflect the gifts of the Wise Men.  

Dan, a friend of mine (David), inspired a tradition in our household.  They rethought gifts (quantity and amount of money spent) and let the morning build toward a last gift wrapped creatively.  Each child received a gift of this kind.  They unwrapped a clue that led them to the family computer where Dan had cued a video of a non-profit they loved and supported as a family where a gift had been given in the individual child’s name.  He talked about how fun it was to hear his 6 year old report to friends and family that his last gift was a goat that would provide milk and an opportunity for a family to earn income for a year. 

Watching the video allowed his kids to connect visually with a family receiving a financial gift rather than simply trying to communicate this gift. 

Consider these ideas, and let them stir you to other creative ways to shift Christmas back in a direction that allows our kids to experience the true meaning of Christmas. 

Share an idea that has allowed you to enjoy more connectedness in the Christmas season, and has allowed your family to experience Christmas in a different way. 

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