Christmas List: Family Style

1)Watch a Christmas classic like White Christmas or Miracle on 34th Street together.

2)Choose a person in need and Christmas carol at their house with cookies or something the kids help you make for them.

3)When gathered around the table, come up with a wish list for what you WISH you could give each other...if money had nothing to do with it!

4)Have everyone choose someone meaningful to them and send them a personal Christmas card with a message or drawing of why they have made a difference...not just a family photo card (although those are great, too).

5)Think of someone who might be sad at Christmas time and make them a fun outside Christmas decoration (or you can buy one) and leave it outside their door late one night...all together...and go get hot chocolate or a treat on the way home!

6)Sponsor a family with children the same age as yours and have that child pick out the gifts for the child that particular age (with maybe a little help).

7)Write your own family version of The 12 Days of Christmas...with things you're thankful for from the year!

8)Record a family video singing a Christmas carol and message and email it to your family and closest friends.

9)Play a game where each person draws a question out of the jar with questions like:  What has been your favorite Christmas present you've ever received?  Given?  What's your favorite Christmas tradition?  Who is one person you wish you could give a gift to anonymously and what would it be?  What is one of your favorite memories of this year?  The hardest memories?  What day would you like to live again if you could?  And come up with your own from there...

10)Remember to slow down and enjoy the tremendous gifts you've been given in each other!!!