Today's Christian Woman's #5 Most-Viewed Article of 2013 by Sissy Goff


A Parent's Guide to Anxiety

by Sissy Goff

"I can't go to school. One of the kids was sick yesterday and I might throw up."

"You're going out to dinner? Where are you going? When will you be home? Who is babysitting? I don't think I can do it. You can't go!"

"I can't go to the sleepover."

"I can't leave for school yet. My hair doesn't look perfect."

"I can't play soccer!"

Do you hear the common word in each of these sentences? Can't. Whether it's about school, sports, academics, or social life, anxiety is often debilitating for kids. It moves past the normal childhood and adolescent fears and becomes crippling, to the point where they are unable (please read that carefully—unable, not unwilling) to participate in any given activity that other kids enjoy.

Anxiety is the most predominant mental-health problem among children and adolescents today... READ MORE