Technology Tuesday

Teens and Tech.png

Just last week at a local parenting event, we took a group of teenage girls with us for the question and answer segment of the conference.  Afterward, one of the girls commented, “We had more questions about technology this time than we did about talking to your kids about sex.  That’s a first.”

She was right.  Typically, we are inundated about questions about how to have healthy conversations about puberty and purity with your children.  (We’ll address those in the raisingboysandgirl blog, as well…at a later date).  At this seminar and at many in recent events, we have had more parents concerned about technology than teaching kids about sex.  And it’s no wonder.  Technology has invaded our culture and our children are often the primary consumers.  We need to know.  We need to help.  We need to teach them to be responsible and grateful and how to have a conversation with no screen in between.

So, on every Tuesday on this blog, we’ll do just that.  We’re going to talk about technology.  We’ll share with you what we’re learning from the kids themselves.  We’ll break down trends and what you as a parent not only need to know, but what you can do about it.  We’ll give examples of guidelines and ways to help your children learn to live both with and without technology.  Join us for Technology Tuesday’s!  Next week, we’ll be talking about twitter and one of the primary ways kids can hurt and be hurt…without naming a single name!