Who Is David Thomas?

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I had a similar experience to Sissy of walking through the doors of Daystar and thinking “I can’t believe a place like this exists.”  I love the disarming, warm, back door way Daystar approaches kids, adolescents and families.  And who gets to work in an office that looks like a living room and bring your dog to work???

Seventeen years later, I’m thankful to still be a part of such an amazing place.  It’s an honor to work alongside such talented folks who genuinely care about kids and families.  

For me, writing spilled out of a conversation with a good friend.  We’d both just experienced the birth of our first born daughters (who are now adolescents), and were searching the shelves of a local bookstore trying to find a great resource for new fathers.  Everything written for men was a comical take on pregnancy, labor & delivery, and the parenting journey.  It was disappointing to find anything substantive for that season of life was targeted only at women.  We were just foolish enough (or sleep-deprived as new dads) to think we could write something useful.  Becoming a Dad was my first book many years ago.  

Melissa was gracious enough to let me start teaching some parenting classes through Daystar, and Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys was birthed out of a similar place.  I was hungry to understand more about boy development once my twin sons came on the scene.  I kept trying to get my hands on more information to better understand the mind, the heart, and the way of a boy.  The outline for that book came out of years of teaching that class, sitting with invested, curious, intentional parents wanting to understand more about the mystery of boys.  

I had some outstanding instructors throughout my under-graduate and graduate experiences, but without a doubt, my best teachers are my own children and the many kids I have the privilege of sitting with in my office each week.