I Feel Stuck.... How to Dress My Age

I Feel Stuck…
How to Dress My Age


“I don’t want to dress like my teenage daughter but I, even more so, don’t want to dress like my mother. Not that she didn’t dress well…i’m just not that old yet! Help! “


From my years of working at JAMIE to Wardrobe Consulting with Tina Adams to now owning the K. McCarthy Fashion Truck, I can tell you this is the biggest concern of all. Mom’s feeling stuck…stuck in between not wanting to look like a teenager, but also not wanting to dress older than they are! 

Here are a few tips for looking and feeling young - but not too young…

 1. Keep it simple - don’t try to be too trendy (or you will look like your teenage daughter). But no need to wear all tailored button downs and slacks either! If you like a new trend…go for it! Grab the leather top (or ombre sweater) at K. McCarthy Fashion Truck…but no need to try to pull off a crop top like you’re seeing in all the magazines, wear a leather top with your favorite pair of MID-RISE Paige or DL1961 Jeans and you’ll feel like your on-trend, without being trendy!

   Go for it!!!

Leave it to the models! 

2. Learn to accessorize. (Or call me - because I’m happy to help!) There’s no need for you to wear pearls everyday - or matching jewelry all the time. Get some fun, long necklaces, and great scarves! These will make every outfit feel more put together and more fun! It’s really easy - you can wear a pair of jeans, a white long sleeve t-shirt and a great scarf with some really fun earrings - and your done! And, trust me, you look way more put together (and it took just as little time) as every other mom in Lululemon! (Not that I’m dogging on Lulu - trust me, I have quite a bit of it too - you just don’t need to wear it every day!)

3. There is no need to wear a button down and slacks (even if you’re a lawyer)! Leave the button down and slacks to your mom - we all know they look great in it - but there are SO many more options out there!! And you are only going to date yourself! Instead, go for a slimmer leg dress pant and a pretty silk blouse! I promise, you’ll look just as nice, and much more contemporary!

Dressing well, to me, is all about looking like you didn’t try too hard. It’s about looking effortlessly fabulous! And on-trend, but not trendy!! To learn more about how to achieve this look (and not look like your mom or little girl, who isn’t so little anymore) check us out on http://www.raisingboysandgirls.com/raisingboysandgirls-blog/ once a season…and more regularly on  http://kmccarthyfashiontruck.com/blog…OR email us for a private shopping appointment (or party) on the K. McCarthy Fashion Truck!! 

Kathleen Goff

Owner, K. McCarthy Fashion Trunk



*We’ll be contributing seasonally to Wardrobe Wednesday. Make sure to check us out to see current trends (good and bad) and how to feel your best in what you wear! And just to tide you over til next season…Here’s one to grow on…



Chunky Sweaters are everywhere this season! We LOVE chunky sweaters…but you just have to make sure you dress in proportion. If you’re sweater is bulky, keep your pants skinny…you never want pants and top to be oversized and you definitely don’t want both to be too tight…Or you’ll look like JLo. If you’re wearing skinny jeans, go for a Bella Dahl chambray blouse or Chunky Sweater. And if you’re going for the jogger look (which is a little looser fitting pant), try a tighter fitting long sleeve t-shirt and scarf! 


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