Technology Tuesday: App Alert- "Hot or Not?"


Just heard about it tonight from a group of high school girls.  An app called literally “Hot or Not.”  As soon as one girl brought it up, the room was abuzz. 

“Everyone was on it at the lunch table today.” 

And you can imagine what it is.  You upload a picture or more to your profile and people have the opportunity to rate you with “hot” or “not.”  And, unless you have your own profile, you only have the opportunity to vote not.  Every girl in my group had heard about it, but only a small portion had already downloaded it.  But one lunchtable at a local public school spent their entire lunch period rating and laughing at girls’ and guys’ picture.

There is nothing that is edifying for kids in being rated or having the opportunity to rate others.  Some kids evidently get on as a joke, but we know what enough “not” jokes can do to even the most confident of kids.  Much like snapchat, we would advise this one is an app to make sure your child knows is not an option.