Technology Tuesday: Online Monitoring Services


The Internet contains volumes of useful, interesting, fun content, alongside some dangerous, destructive, harmful content.  In order to make the most of this powerful vehicle while protecting our kids from the dangerous places, consider the following resources to support you in the overwhelming journey of navigating technology.  


Window’s Live Family Safety  For PC (Windows 7 or Vista).  Features include whitelisting and backlisting, great content filtering and activity reporting.  


Mac OS X Parental Controls  For Mac.  User-friendly content filtering, whitelisting, access scheduling, and activity reporting. 


Covenant Eyes  For PC (Accountability service available for Mac).  Accountability reporting through email, great content filtering for PC’s, as well as mobile solutions. 


OpenDNS  Entire home or business network.  Whitelisting and backlisting, content filtering at the network level, filtering-level options, some reporting.


Mobicip  For Iphone, Ipod Touch, Ipad or Windows 7 Device.  Provides a mobile browser with built-in filtering capabilities, which you can control from the web. 


CyberSitter  For PC.  Content filtering, email and social media monitoring, access scheduling. 


Net Nanny  For PC and Mac.  User-friendly, internet filtering, remote management, game blocking, time controls, age-base profile settings. 


SafeEyes  For PC or Mac.  Content filtering, good access scheduling controls, SafeEyes mobile available for devices. 


SpectorSoft  For PC or Mac.  Monitoring content, activity reports, mobile devices, remote management. 


What are the products and services you’ve found to be most helpful in safeguarding your kids?