Rally Idol

In our Intentional Parenting seminar, David talks about the importance of being a balanced parent.  In it, he talks about being balanced in several areas including emotion, support and time.  It’s actually a very challenging portion of our talk:  (moms, how much time are you spending supporting your sons academically and your daughters emotionally?  How much emotion do you have in response to their academics and emotions?) 

In his chapter on the same topic in our Intentional Parenting book, he challenges families to write a mission statement and reflect on how the time they spend together as a family reflects that mission statement.

What does your time together as a family look like?  How much time is spent in the car on the way to and from practices and lessons?  How much time is spent talking to each other?  How much time is spent giving to the things you feel passionate about?

We want to tell you…better yet, show you the mission that one family we love has developed together.  The cool thing is that Emily, the 13 year-old who you’re about to meet, got the ball rolling out of her desire to make a difference in an area she felt passionate about.  And that ball has led her to quite an event coming up this very weekend…

We would encourage you to sit together as a family and choose something you feel committed to…a place you believe God is prompting you to give TOGETHER.  Ask each other questions.  Allow your kids to have a voice.  Take time to look at the time you spend together and how that time can be more of a reflection of who you feel called to be as a family than what happens to be popping up on your iCal notifications.  And, if you’re in the Atlanta area, join us for Rally Idol!  We love this mission, too and are excited to see the lives impacted by Emily and her family’s mission to make a difference in the lives of children fighting cancer.