Technology Tuesday: App Alert - Snapbox


We talked in a recent blog about snapchat, where your child can send pictures that are available for the recipient to see from 1 to 10 seconds after the picture is opened.  Obviously, it lends itself to plenty of concerns for parents and plenty of temptations for teens (or even younger children).  We would recommend being very aware of the apps your child downloads.  You can either check their phone or tablet regularly or have them download through your own itunes account.  Or both. 

A new app that I just heard about is called Snapbox.  It is described as “a snaphack for snapchat to save all your snap chats and screenshots.”  Again, you see the concern.  Comments on the site description include the fact that others won’t know that you’ve saved the snapchat (photo that was posted).  Parents, grandparents, youth directors, anyone who loves and is in the lives of guiding kids, we need to be aware.  They need us to help them understand what is safe and appropriate and help them set boundaries.  Their frontal lobes aren’t developed fully yet (until the age of approximately 25).  Until then, they won’t be able to fully manage their emotions and will have low impulse control.  (Some of us do way beyond then.) 

Pay attention to what they are downloading.  Do your homework so you can help them help themselves from making poor choices that can forever be kept in someone’s snapbox…and memory.

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