Technology Tuesday: Creative Tech Parents

Every time we speak at a parenting event, we point out that “It’s not so much that we’re experts.  We just get to sit with kids and hear their hearts every day and learn from them, and then bring what they teach us back to you.”  We learn a tremendous amount from you, as parents, too…even on the subject of technology!

We love when parents use their creativity in a back door way to build boundaries around technology.  Take a look at these two terrific examples of what that can look like in your own home.  Props to Keller McBride and a friend of ours on facebook who posted them.

You can set limits by ensuring their chores are done, block them from internet use and even prevent them from texting for periods of time through your friendly cell phone provider.  Baskets in the dining room or near the kitchen table with a cute sign marked “Cell Phone Home” or “No Cell Phone Zone” can be helpful to keep the distraction away during mealtime.  Going unplugged as a family (which means parents, too) for a day or even a week is something we recommend, as well.  In the meantime, go for a walk together or read from a classic book out loud at dinner.  Make s’mores in the fireplace.  Parents and kids alike say that it’s much easier to connect with each other when no one is connected to wi-fi or a wall outlet.  Not brain chemistry, but still somehow hard for us to do…

What creative ways have you found to limit your child’s technology use or use technology for a creative consequence?  And what creative activities have your family enjoyed together recently that are unplugged?