Stress and Consequences for American Teens

Turns out the new data is in, and adolescents have officially passed adults.  The most stressed Americans now are American teenagers.  

The data tells us that teens have 50% less free time than they did a generation ago, get an hour less sleep, and spend 53 hours a week interacting with screen media...  


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Stress And Consequences For American Teens

American teens are stressed. They may not outgrow it in adulthood says a new report. We’ll look at troubling new findings, and solutions.

Americans are not strangers to stress.  The economy, the environment, the snow, the drought, the pace, the pinging of all those apps and phones.  But the news this week was still arresting:  the most stressed Americans now are American teenagers.  We know they’ve got tests and college applications and all the rest but still, we hate to hear it.  And what’s more, researchers warn, pinning the needle on stress in teenage years can have lifelong implications for health and happiness.  So what’s going on?  And what do we do about it? This hour On Point:  Teen stress, pinning the needle in America.

– Tom Ashbrook