A Non-Technological Technology Tuesday!

I have a friend who texts me every Technology Tuesday.  Here’s what she said recently…

Last Tuesday…

“Technology Tuesday makes me feel insufficient.  I’ll stick with the post about toddlers.  I was good at that!”

This past Tuesday…

“It’s Technology Tuesday and I’m already worried…and you haven’t even posted yet.”

She went on to say “I think it’s indicative of our biggest struggle as parents…the loss of control…My inability to know and control what is going on in their technological world overwhelms me and makes me see how not in charge I am…which is a good thing!  But it’s hard to remember that it’s a good thing!

It is hard to remember.  But, yes, it is a good thing.  Maybe the only thing, at times, that can truly get you through Technology Tuesday’s and every day in between.  Yes, there are great resources like Zabra and e-blaster (check it out if you haven’t already), and even cell phone providers are joining up to link arms with parents and provide a hedge of protection around these kids.  But, whether it’s the virtual world or the real one, we can do all we can to protect them but we can’t prevent harm from coming their way.  Protecting is so much of why this blog even exists.  But the bottom line on Tuesday and every other day is that God is the protector of your child.  He ALWAYS has their best interest at heart.  He is the God of Technology, too.  As Melissa wisely says often, “Parent out of love and not out of fear.”  You can parent out of His love for them…and You.  And then maybe do a little tech homework, too.  We’ll try to keep the tips coming to help.  For this Tuesday, why don’t you all turn off your gadgets?  Read a book together out loud at dinner.  Go for a walk and enjoy the warm weather.  Look each other in the eye and ask questions that help you learn more about each other.  Enjoy the real life gifts God has given you in real time.

And, we’ll leave you with one more thought from our Technology Tuesday friend…It’s our favorite.

“Technology is to mothers of teens as lice is to mothers of small children.”