Technology Tuesday: The Daily Mom App

MOMS! This Technology Tuesday is just for you!

While we were speaking in Orlando, we recently had the pleasure of meeting the woman who has developed The Daily Mom App!  It’s so fun..and just for you! 

It has a colorful wheel with info on weather, news, fact tidbits, style, health, media, news, blogs, recipes and parenting tips!  It even has a countdown app to favorite holidays and ones you’ve never heard of…(As of writing this post, there are exactly 13 days left before National High Five Day.  Who knew?!)

One mom told us that her favorite aspect was the jokes.  She said she looks them up before she picks her kids up from school and lightens the end of their long days.

“Why did the portrait go to jail?”

“It was framed!”

So, for all of the minutes spent in carpool lines and doctor’s (or counselor’s) waiting rooms, this app might be just the tip…and help for you!  Your daily one stop mom shop in The Daily Mom App!  Check it out!