Technology Tuesday: Effective Parenting in a Snap Chat World

Sissy recently reviewed a book she’s reading and commented that we will, from time to time, share resources worth exploring.   We are excited to introduce you to another one of those great resources this week.  If you are a parent in the middle Tennessee area, we’d encourage you to carve out time to hear Dr. Katherine Koonce (one of our favorite resources) speak on Effective Parenting in a Snap Chat World, this Friday, October 30th, 2015, at Christ Presbyterian Academy.   The session is free and open to the community.  If you’re an out of town parent, don’t fear, you can hear the session online.   

Here’s a description of what Dr. Koonce will be sharing.   

Regardless of how tech-savvy we are, there is no doubt that technology plays a large role in our lives – and in our children’s lives. Whole new vistas of knowledge, understanding, and ideas are open to them via quality sites on the Internet. But all this potential and wonder also comes with a necessary responsibility on the part of the technology user.  We parents play the most pivotal role in the development of our children’s values and of their understanding of the world and how it works.  We have the unprecedented job of helping our children to navigate a system of social media and Internet use that we ourselves don’t fully understand.  This session will focus on the practical tools parents can use to help their children be discerning and responsible users of technology.