You're In New York! A word for college goers...


We’re excited for you to meet Mallory Horncastle:  fantastic Daystar Summer Intern at Hopetown, dear friend, budding musician, and writer extraordinaire.  We read her blog on life at college—and wanted you to read it and share it with the college and college-bound students you know.  It’s a great reminder for all of us of what it looks like to live pressure-free and grace-filled.  Thanks for the wisdom, Mallory.  We’d like to do NYC your way!

You’re in New York! Why don’t you go do something fun and New York-y?

Last Friday night, I did something very out of character for me (drumroll please)… I went out. Specifically, to a fraternity party. For me, it was too loud and too crowded and too everything. Leaving the party (literally after three minutes of being there) I just kept thinking about how lame I was. I felt like I was doing college wrong.

I’ve felt this fear since I moved here. Pressure not only to go to parties and hang out in large groups of people, but pressure to always be out and taking advantage of living in New York. Then, on top of that, a ridiculous need to show off to everyone from home just how well I am doing in New York. All very real fears and all very ridiculous. The funny thing about that pressure was that it wasn’t coming from my friends or family, but just from me. It came from late nights of ogling at friends’ instagrams with more likes than mine and wondering if they were having more fun than I was at college.

During fall semester, I wore myself out. I went to every tourist site, took every cheesy coffee shop picture and made sure everyone knew about it. Looking back, I wasn’t really experiencing New York. Maybe I was experiencing someone’s New York, but definitely not my New York. My New York includes taking a nap when I need it, eating Taco Bell every now and again, and reading Harry Potter on the subway.

Last Saturday night, I did something very in character for me… I stayed in and watched a movie musical with a few close friends. And it couldn’t have been more fun and New York-y.

With lots of love and rest,