Technology Tuesday: App Alert - Monogram Lite

It’s amazing how easily our kids can find their way to content we don’t want them to see.  We can’t say enough how important it is that we check out what they’re wanting to install on their phones and gadgets…and not just glance at, but really explore.

A mom came up to me at a recent conference warning me about an app called Monogram Lite.  She said her daughter downloaded it and it appeared harmless.  Basically, it’s an app that lets you put your monogram on different designs and images…something many girls love to do today.  Then, you can use those designs as a background, them to your friends over social media, etc.  

This mom told me there was a social media component to the app, where others could post comments on your designs.  I tried to do some research on this.  I looked at various reviews, only one which vaguely mentioned some concerns.  I looked at websites I trust to review apps.  I even searched monogram lite social media, and nothing came up.  So, I downloaded the app myself.  It’s not until you scroll to the very bottom that you see the social media component…where you can view other user’s designs, some of which are attached to their own photos, and you can comment.  I didn’t have to follow anyone to even leave a comment on the site.

Monogram lite has the potential to be quite harmless…but, like all social media apps, can have users that are not so harmless.  This woman told me some very inappropriate comments were made by users trying to engage with her daughter.

Like all things technology related, please download and explore first before you allow your child to download it on their own gadgets.  Have conversations and set guidelines around whatever they’re using.  You’re their gatekeeper, rather than the app developers.  And they need you to be good, safe, wise, informed guides in their lives on all things…including technology.