Technology Tuesday: What Not to Post (for You, as a Parent)

Several years ago, one of my best friends posted a photo of her daughter naked on Instagram.  At the time, her daughter was maybe a year old…and adorable.  It was an adorable picture.  But her daughter was naked.  

After 23 years of counseling, you could call me an alarmist.  I obviously hear the worst stories about all kinds of issues.  And I hear more than my fair share of information about predators, both real-world and online.  They’re out there, as we all know.  And any image today can be found and kept and used for lots of things I don’t want to mention or really even think about, especially when it comes to the precious children of my dear friends.  

I also read an article recently about the facial recognition software that is so prevalent today.  It said that by the time the children who are toddlers now are old enough to have their own social media sites, they’ll already have albums full of their own photos where they’ve been recognized and tagged.

What kind of photos are you posting about your children?  Are they photos you would have been embarrassed for your parents to show their five friends sitting around a dinner table?  If so, you might want to re-think posting them for your hundreds of friends on your social media.  

You also might want to read this insightful article from the good folks at about the other kinds of photos your kids don’t want on your social media (or they sure won’t want on theirs when they hit 13).