Technology Tuesday: bitmoji

Want to surprise your teenager?  Use your own bitmoji!

We’re always advocates of staying ahead of the game with your kids in terms of technology.  It’s no easy task.  That’s why we have Technology Tuesday’s…to keep you in the know so you can keep your kids safe.  And, from time to time, we want to keep you in the know so you can have a little fun with your kids!  

They always think we’re so far behind and out of it, as grown-ups.  It’s sometimes fun to surprise them!  If you’re up for things like that, download the bitmoji app and surprise them by what a “cool, trendy” parent you are.  Then, you can surprise them again when you say, “No, you’re not allowed to have swipe.”  (Type Swipe into the search engine on our blog to see what it is and why you don’t want your child to have it). 

Our Back Door to Your Teen’s Heart book says “To the degree that kids can predict you, they’ll dismiss you.”  You want to be the parent.  They need to know that you’re bigger than they are.  But we also want to connect and enjoy each other.  Bitmoji’s are just a silly way to do just that.  They can download their own bitmoji, too, and you can use technology to your advantage by being unpredictable and connected (in a technological kind of way).