TECHNOLOGY TUESDAY: I canNOT get my child to get out of bed!

 This is one of the top complaints we hear about parents…doesn’t matter the age or gender of the child.  It does, however, matter the time.  School and church days seem to be the worst.  Christmas morning…not so much of a problem.

Over the years, I’ve recommended a variety of techniques.  I don’t believe parents of teenagers should be waking their children any longer, ESPECIALLY parents of high schoolers.  These kids need to be learning the value of time—theirs and yours.  They need to be taking responsibility.  And, as counselors, we’re continually more and more concerned  about entitlement among kids of all ages.  Believe it or not, waking your child up every morning can add to the entitlement—particularly when you’ve had to walk up the stairs for the 17th time.

As a friend of mine said, “I wish my mom had said ‘You’ve got this!’, more than ‘Let me get this for you.’”

They’ve got this.  They can wake themselves up, especially with some creative instruction on your part.  I remember one senior in high school whose mom I advised to put a rubber sheet on her mattress, give her one warning, and then start to dribble a pitcher of ice water over her.  (It’s a wonder this teenager came back to me for counseling.)

With recent technological advances, however, alarm clocks have advanced, too.  Over the years, I’ve recommended alarm clocks that roll.  I recently was told about one you had to stand on to turn off.  But, just this week, I found this fantastic list.  If your child has trouble waking up, ESPECIALLY IF THEY’RE A TEENAGER, check out this link.  Invest in an alarm clock that’s not their smart phone.  As counselors, we would say you’re ultimately investing in their responsibility, their independence, and even their character.