A Technology Tuesday Guide to the Secret Life of Pets (via Hopetown Highlight)

Our 2nd-4th grade camp started off with a bang—or woof—as we took the bus straight to the movie, "The Secret Life of Pets."  It was one with a lot of good messages—particularly ones that pertain to the secret life of 2nd-4th graders.  

Melissa started off our first teaching time with a few questions, (which happen to be ones we thought might be good to start some discussions with your children):

Why do you think Max was so upset when Kate brought Duke home?

Who did you feel for? Why?

Have you ever felt the way Max felt or Duke felt? When and why?

We all want love and attention.  Of course, we do.  Sometimes, when we don’t get it, we get angry—or mopey.  We go off to the side hoping someone will notice and make us feel better.  In all of those feelings, what are we usually feeling the most?  JEALOUS.

Jealousy is a feeling we all get, at times, when we feel like someone is getting treated more special than we are.  It can be a friend, your brother, your sister…

We have a feeling, we get angry or sad and then…

What do you do when you feel jealous?

Usually, when we feel like someone is going to take our stuff—or our attention-we hold on tight.  

God says we can do the opposite.  Just like Max, we can let go.  When we’re holding on tight, no one has fun.  It makes it hard to have friends.  It makes it hard to enjoy playing.  It makes us feel sad and even more angry when we’re holding on tight.

When did Max and Duke start to be on the same side?

It was when they started sharing, helping and giving to each other.  When we’re holding on tight, we say things like: 

“Hey, that’s mine.”  

“It’s my turn.”  

“You got the last one.”

When we let go, we can work together.  When someone starts to help you, you feel better and want to help them back.  When you help them back, you feel even better…just like Max and Duke.  And just like another guy we’re going to talk more about on next week’s Thursday blog—a guy named Joseph who had more than a few jealous brothers.