Are My Kids On Track?

We’re so excited to announce our new book, with Bethany House Publishers, Are My Kids On Track?, coming to a bookstore (or website) near you on February 14, 2017.

We all talk about the importance of kids developing into emotionally, socially, and spiritually mature adults. But how? The focus of this book is to identify the specifics . . . what those milestones are and how parents can help kids reach them. Sissy, Melissa, and David continue to see evidence of milestones kids in our culture are missing, and have written a guidebook to usher kids into becoming real grown-ups. 

This book is filled with decades of experience, valuable research, and, more importantly, user-friendly practices to make supporting our kids’ emotional, social, and spiritual development a part of daily family life. The authors identify four emotional, social, and spiritual milestones, and within each one they pinpoint the stumbling blocks unique to gender, and then move parents to the building blocks for progressing toward these milestones.

Anyone who has ever raised kids knows how different boys and girls are. Each chapter will address the unique challenges our sons and daughters face. For example, why in the face of failure do boys seem to instinctively blame others and girls blame themselves? How do we help them move past these roadblocks? 

Each year, Sissy, David, and Melissa interact with thousands of parents through their counseling, writing, and speaking. Parents who are asking questions. Parents who see their kids struggling socially, regressing emotionally, or doubting spiritually. Parents who want to raise courageous, compassionate, rooted, resilient, empathic kids. Much of the authors’ work centers around helping parents understand the milestones kids need to be progressing toward, and how to help them get there. In this book, they share the wisdom and insights they have gleaned from a combined seventy years of experience working with families.