A Great (and Protective) Resource for Parents of Young Children: God Made All of Me

In our book, Modern Parents, Vintage Values, we talk about the issue of “stranger danger.”  It comes up regularly during the Q&A portion of parenting seminars.  Suffice it to say stranger danger doesn’t help...  What does help is empowering kids.  It helps to, with great warmth and strength, help them know what to do when they’re afraid or uncomfortable…and exactly how to do it.

God Made All of Me does a beautiful job empowering kids to do just that.  It, in a very approachable and age-appropriate way explains sexual abuse to kids.  It gives them words and actions to use any time they’re confronted with something or someone that makes them feel uncomfortable.  

We need to prepare kids today…maybe more than ever before.  We need to give them skills to use online and in person.  We need to provide them resources to protect themselves and the knowledge to protect their little hearts.  And most of all, we want to remind them every chance we get that God Made All of Them and loves them deeply.  If you’re the parent of a young child, buy this book and read it to them tonight!