Technology Tuesday: What if I haven’t Been On Top of My Kid’s Technology?

In our seminar, Taming the Technology Monster, one of the more common questions asked after the class is “what should I do if I haven't been checking my kids’ history or have access to their accounts on social media?  If I go back and ask for that now, won’t they see that as an invasion of their privacy?”

The first answer we always give is “it’s never too late.”  You can always go back and say to your kids “we haven’t been as on top of your digital life as we want to be.  We’re going to restructure that part of things in our home.”  

If a child says “it’s an invasion of my privacy for you to log on to my account,” HERE are some good ideas and reminders for the importance of being involved. 

The New Year is a great time to restructure the way you do things in your home. Make a plan and start today!