Wardrobe Wednesday: What to wear when everything You Wear gets ruined...

These little people that come into our lives couldn’t be any cuter, but they also can wreck quite a bit of havoc on some of the finer things in life (ie. silk, marble, a long strand of pearls, etc). 

So how do we continue to look like ourselves without wasting lots of $$$? 

The goal: being dressed (not in workout clothes or pjs) for the carpool line or school performance…but, we promise, no pencil skirts or heels required! 

1. Buy a couple of the finer things (that you absolutely cannot live without).

Wear them on date nights and when you travel (not on family vacay)! 

* If you really absolutely cannot wear silk blouses around your kids, then buy 2 or 3 that you LOVE every season…wear the heck out of them! And get new ones the next year! You can typically get about a year out of each, because you can wear them with white jeans for spring and dark for fall! So, that’s giving you a good amount of options (without over complicating things). Wear them a lot, and then give them to a younger mom who might need the same thing ;) 

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