Chore Charts: One Less Reason to Nag

We’re often asked about Responsibility and Kids.  How much is too much?  When can they start?  

We believe your child can start helping out around the house as young as they can learn to walk.  They can pick up their toys…one at a time.  When they’re old enough to carry dishes without dropping them, they can help clear the table.  Children need to help out around the house.  Some chores can be for allowance.  Some can be “just because they’re a part of the family”.  But kids need to help.  We say over and over, n our parenting seminars, how much structure creates security for kids.  Part of that structure includes responsibility.  And the responsibility also helps ward off the entitlement phenomenon we’re seeing way too often in the lives of kids today.

In our book, Intentional Parenting, we have a lot of information on chores and what’s appropriate at what age, as well as how to be consistent in helping kids learn responsibility.  We also spend a lot of time in our offices talking about this very same idea.  When we do, the subject of charts always comes up.

How do I make a chart?  What do I include?

We think charts are fantastic for kids of every age, starting with our little bitty ones.  They’re a way to provide prompts and reminders without the nagging that comes so naturally for us all.  

If you’ve had the same questions as a parent, we wanted to point you toward some downloadable chore charts we’ve found on  They’re a terrific way to stop nagging and start encouraging your child toward more responsibility and less entitlement.