Daystar Video

In 1985, Melissa started Daystar Counseling Ministries, when many people were not even aware of the need or purpose of counseling for kids.  It began in a small office with a handful of kids who wanted help and to help others.  Sissy joined the staff in 1993 and David in 1997.  Daystar now serves over 1300 families.  We are honored to serve and grow alongside each child and family who walks through our doors.  Raising Boys and Girls—the books we get to write and the parenting seminars we get to offer are an extension of this great work we all three are honored to do in this “little yellow house that helps people.”  We wanted to share with you a little more of what goes on behind our walls on a daily basis.  As always, it’s a privilege to join you in the journey.

Check out our latest video here.