Family Experiment - The Family Adventure

family adventure

Anyone who knows us, knows that we love a Family Experiment.   Family Experiments are nothing more than an opportunity to try out something new with your kids.  It’s a chance to engage the kids we love in a creative, intentional (hopefully fun) way.  

It might be a youtube video to watch with them and jumpstart critical thinking.  It might be an activity that involves risk or service.  It might be watching a movie together and asking some important questions.  It can take many shapes or forms. 

From time to time, we’ll pitch you a Family Experiment.  As the summer gets started, I am going to throw some at you to get some summer plans going in your head! Test drive some of these ideas and let us know what you learned about your kids or about yourself.   Laugh together, ask good questions, and don’t forget to just enjoy them in the process.

Today’s family experiment involves Memory Making.  

I heard a story about a town where the local Krispy Kreme donuts caught on fire.  The local paper chronicled the tragic fire, and plans for rebuilding.  They ran a story on the grand re-opening and Krispy Kreme’s announcement that the first 100 families to visit would receive a free dozen once a month for a year.  This adventurous, memory-making family called some good friends and plotted camping out the night before to guarantee they’d be in the first 100 visitors.  Along with dozens of other families, they showed up with lawn chairs, music, tents and a sense of adventure.  

I have a feeling their kids will still be talking about the night they camped out at Krispy Kreme twenty years from now.  This adventure involved no money, just some creativity and a willingness to carve out a day on the calendar to abandon the traditional hectic pace so many families can keep for the sake of making a memory.   

What could your family adventure be?