Girls, Bravery, and Bible Belles

I talk with girls a LOT about bravery behind the doors of my counseling office.  Girls often have a tendency to shrink back.  They doubt their voices.  They don’t believe they’re capable.  They don’t trust their strength.  I believe those doubts are a contributor to the struggles I see—with self-esteem, with anxiety, and with a whole host of issues girls face today in greater amounts than ever before.

For those of us who have girls in our lives that we love, we want something different.  We want them to feel brave, courageous, resilient, strong.  And we want them to learn to pepper those important traits with kindness.  

I was honored to be a part of a podcast recently called Bible Belles with Erin Weidemann.  Erin is the creative, talented, gracious (and kind and strong herself) founder of this ministry called Bible Belles.  They put fabulous resources right in the hands of the little girls we love.  They have books based on different women in the Bible and the traits and gifts that set those women apart.  The books are fun, relatable, and speak important truths into the hearts of girls.

The newest in their series, available for pre-order now, is Abigail, The Belle of Bravery.   I would recommend it highly for the girl you love.  You can listen to the podcast here, too, for more tips on how to build bravery and much more into the hearts of girls.  

We’re grateful for this ministry and the truths Erin and her team are relaying to girls, and those of us who love them.  We hope you’ll listen, grab a copy of one (or several) of the Bible Belles books and enjoy!