Godcentered Mom

Have a girl in your life?  Wonder how to help her see and live out of the beauty God has placed deep inside of her?

Listen up (and in!)

We love podcasts at Raising Boys and Girls!  We especially love podcasts that equip parents with practical, grace-filled help for this challenging yet delightful journey of parenting!  

We recently have met and developed a HUGE appreciation (and friendship) with Heather MacFadyen, whose podcast is called The Godcentered Mom.  She’s kind, real in a very refreshing way, humble and a blast to talk to!  She has four wild things of her own, and asked David to join her on the podcast in May of 2016.  You can listen to his here.

And just this week had Sissy on talking about all things girls!   Her podcast can be found here.

Thanks for listening and Heather, thank you for bringing light and truth and hope to the lives of so many parents!  We’re grateful for your heart and ministry!