App Alert: Ignore No More

Feel powerless in the face of technology as a parent?  There’s an app for that…not really an app to help you feel more empowered in terms of technology—that’s actually why we have Technology Tuesday’s.  No, this app is one mom’s response to her powerlessness in getting her child to answer her calls.

We’re not necessarily advocating using this app.  We are always advocates of using technology to enhance your relationship with your child…to find better and sometimes more teen-friendly ways to open up communication and connect.  This app is a sure-fire way to shut that down, or at least to shut it down with anyone but you and the emergency responders in your area.

This frustrated mom was tired of her son not returning her text messages.  In response, she created an app that literally shuts down your child’s smart phone and ONLY gives them the ability to call you or 911.  We believe this could be a very important app if you are worried your child is in danger.  If your child has run away or is completely and repeatedly disregarding your communication and you are worried, it could be very helpful.  But, like much of technology, it could possibly be a way to abuse the control you do still have intact with your child. 

Just as we are teaching our kids, technology is a power that should be used sparingly.  It enables them and us more access and more information and more power over certain things and people than we have ever had before.  We need to go before kids in being good stewards of that power, their trust, and these very important relationships we want to be in the business of growing.