Technology Tuesday: Kids, Tablets, and ADHD

Kids, Tablets, and ADHD:  What’s the Connection?

I remember the days when we had an Apple LC computer (remember those?) with a silly game about settling out west on our computer in the lobby.  As a staff we debated if the computer was really a good things for kids to keep them occupied versus interacting as they sat and waited for their counseling appointments.  We would prefer kids to be talking or reading every time.  But, that old computer in the corner was like a magnet.  They’d climb into the wagon and do their best to avoid rocks and outlaws coming after them on their trek west.  They were happy, quiet, and focused on that small pixelated screen.

Today, at any given hour, you will find a handful of kids sitting quietly in our lobby.  A few are playing with the giant dollhouse, but most are holding some type of gadget.  They’re engrossed in Minecraft or Instagram, depending on their age.  And those ages are anywhere from 5 to 18, with parents thrown into the mix.  It is unusual today for someone to sit for an hour in silence or even with a book.  The gadget is the focus of most of their attention…and, according to this article, possibly the problem with it, as well.

This summer, don’t fall into the temptation of using that computer to babysit too often.  At times, it’s inevitable.  And your child will potentially push for it more often than not.  Don’t give in.  Send him out into the backyard to play.  Help her find a book to grow her imagination and create a spot under a tree to read. Go outside with them. Swim. Play. Focus on each other and how to grow and learn and play without the use of gadgets.