Technology Tuesday: mSpy

If you’re worried about the photos your child is “anonymously” sending or receiving, app developers are doing their best to keep up. 

A new software called mSpy is one you download on your child’s phone, and then sends you photos, texts, emails, and even keeps track of where they are.  It might be a great answer to our previous Technology Tuesday on SnapChat and Swipe, as well.

But, as always, our stance at Raising Boys and Girls is all about communication with your child.  If you download this software onto their phone, we strongly recommend telling your child exactly what you’re doing.  It’s not because you don’t trust them.  It’s because you don’t trust what other people could send them and feel that technology is a lot of power in the hands of someone who is not yet an adult (actually, adults, too).  They need your help in learning to be responsible with all things, especially those that have instant access to any person they do or don’t know.

We need to help our kids learn to be good stewards of the technology that dominates their—and our lives.  mSpy can help—but the most helpful thing of all is parents who are engaged, connected and intentional in their communication and their love for the little people around us.

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