Technology Tuesday: A Must See Video for Boys!

You’ve heard us say repeatedly that for all the dangers that exist for kids and technology, there are so many ways we can use it advantageously as parents.  

Today’s Technology Tuesday is a great example of that.  We can have some outstanding conversations with our kids following a short youtube video.  I talk often about how boys are visual, spatial and experiential learners.  Use this visual to jumpstart a conversation with your son.  Below are some questions to get a good conversation started with your son.  Depending on the age of your son, you may choose to eliminate, modify or adjust the questions.  The important thing is to start a conversation.  

I’ve talked with several parents who loved this video and immediately shared it with their daughters (which is a great idea).  I’d argue that it’s every bit as important for our sons to see this content.

*********Before you watch the video, ask him the first question.**********


  1. Can you show me what it looks like to run like a girl?
  2. Do you think most boys believe to do something “like a girl” is a good thing or bad thing
  3. Did you agree or disagree with the girl’s response who said that to do something “like a girl” can sound like you’re trying to humiliate someone?  Have you ever heard another guy use those words in that way? 
  4. What are other names/words/phrases we use culturally that speak negatively about females?  
  5. Having a chance to consider this, how do you think you might respond differently if you heard someone use “like a girl” in a negative way?