New School Year. New Priorities.

A new school year gives us a new chance to re-evaluate our priorities. 

What do you want your time to look like as a family this year?

What do you want your goals to be together? 

In Intentional Parenting, David has a fantastic section on family mission statements in Chapter 1 I would wholeheartedly recommend.

How much technology do you want to include in your family mission statement for the year?  How much screen time versus how much outside time?  How much time do you want them stretching their brains and muscles in ways they can’t find with an ac adaptor?  Research says that kids need time for creative thought and mind-wandering.  It’s where we all find those a-ha moments that help us learn and grow.

Please take 2 minutes to check out this IMPORTANT video by the folks at Nature Valley for a few more facts…and inspiration on sending your children and spending some time as a family in the great outdoors this fall.