Parenting & Fashion

Melissa talks often about the importance of being a person while also being a parent.   We believe in having life outside of your children - friendships, hobbies, interests, etc.   It’s never helpful for our kids to believe the sun rises and sets around them.  We certainly want to communicate they are loved, enjoyed and valued, but never that they are the center of the universe. 

We encourage parents not just to have outside interests, but to talk openly about those.  Let kids see how excited you are to leave on date nights with your spouse.  Talk at length about a new restaurant you discovered and enjoyed.  Share stories and photos from a recent weekend trip with friends.  If you are training for a half marathon or taking an art class, talk openly about those experiences.  You are creating opportunities for kids to develop valuable relational skills in listening to your interests and asking questions around them.  

I often poll boys I meet with and ask them to tell me what their mom or dad’s favorite activity is, or if they can name their parents’ best friend.   It’s not uncommon for kids to struggle coming up with a response.  They don’t always know what we love to do or who we value spending time with.   In parenting classes, I’ll sometimes ask Moms to guess the most common answer I hear from boys in response to the question of what they love to do most.

Many boys answer with “she loves to go to the grocery store.”  Laughter erupts across the room.  I’ve met thousands of moms over the years, but I’ve yet to meet a mom who loves to go to the grocery store or considers it her favorite pastime.  He knows what you do, but not necessarily what you love.  

Over the past year, we’ve done a couple of events in partnership with Sissy’s sister, Kathleen.  She’s a talented, creative, generous, lovely young woman who has turned into a Nashville Celebrity (though she’s not officially my little sister, I like to brag on her like a proud big brother!).  

Kathleen grew up in Arkansas, did her undergraduate work at SMU inTexas and then relocated to Nashville to get her MBA.  She became a business owner in her 20’s and is beloved by countless women in our city and well beyond.  She opened one of Nashville’s first Fashion Trucks.  You’ve never quite seen anything like the K McCarthy Fashion Truck.  Imagine a well-appointed boutique complete with a hanging chandelier and private dressing room - on wheels!    Check out why Nashville is as crazy about Kathleen as we’ve always been.

Kathleen hosts everything from private parties to corporate events.  She’s had the truck available at several parenting events where we’ve spoken.  Moms can go straight from a conversation around Intentional Parenting into a shopping experience.  They seem to always leave these particular events happier than our normal parenting classes!  

Kathleen doesn’t just provide a convenient and personal shopping experience, she’s also philanthropic.  She’s hosted countless events where she donates proceeds to organizations she believes in. 

You can follow Kathleen on social media here to find out if she’s coming to a city near you.  And we’re planning to bring her right to your doorstep from time to time. 

Periodically, we’ll surprise you with Wardrobe Wednesday, in an effort to remind you of the importance of being a person and a parent