Technology Tuesday: The Self-Control App and More

More and more schools are requiring computers and tablets for their students…at younger and younger ages.  One of the biggest complaints we hear from parents is—

“How do I know my child is really doing their homework when they’re on their ipad?” 

“How do I know they’re not on twitter?”

“How can I get them to focus?”

As concerned as we regularly are about apps that developers are coming out with that are unhelpful to kids, there are also those that are profoundly helpful in different ways.

These apps and website are designed to help kids (and adults) stay focused, which is a difficult task in this world of rapid-moving, attention-grabbing technology.  Check them out.  Share them with your kids.  Install them on the computers and gadgest of your younger children.  Give your teens opportunities to choose to use them.  As always, we want our kids to be learn responsibility and that involves making responsible choices themselves as they get older.  Then, when their grades reflect that they’re not making those choices, we revert back to making them for them…for a period of time.  We let the rope out and pull it back in.  Then let it out all over again, until they learn…We all need help focusing and learning the art of self-control, especially in the midst of technology.

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