Summer with Daystar and Hopetown

Happy June!  The three of us are shifting gears a little this summer.  David is holding down the fort at Daystar in Nashville and serving as our Director for the Summer.  And Melissa and I are off to camp!  We’ll be spending the summer at Camp Hopetown for Daystar’s Summer Sessions…our small scale version of a summer camp. 

Almost half of the Daystar staff, plus high school and college age leaders travel weekly with kids up to Daystar's Camp Hopetown, located 2 hours N.W. of Nashville on Kentucky Lake. We have six summer sessions, each five to seven days long, and grouped around grade level. There are never more than 30 campers per session, with a ratio of about three campers per leader. Summer Sessions is a time to strengthen and experience what we've been talking about in groups throughout the school year. As we share during group, laugh on the boat, play in the water, and worship together we experience hope. The hearts of the kids are softened through relationship. Their faith is molded and shaped during our worship time and Melissa’s teaching each morning and evening. And, the strengthening comes as each child, regardless of age, sees that he or she has the ability to make a profound difference in the lives of others.  I’m the Director of Camp Hopetown and will also be counseling in between camps (and trying to get a shred of rest when I can, too).

This summer, we won’t be flooding your inbox with blogs as everyone will be a little busier than usual.  But, we want to keep you informed with Technology Tuesday’s and weekly parenting tips.  And, every other week, we’ll be sharing a teaching from Melissa and Hopetown.  David and I both say often that Melissa is the best Bible teacher to kids we know.  Her teaching has profoundly impacted our lives, too…so we’re thrilled to get to share the truth that we’re learning together at Hopetown with you.

We’re looking so forward to the summer…to all that God intends to do at Hopetown, at Daystar in Nashville, and in the hearts and lives of the children you’ll be laughing and playing and teaching and growing with daily.