SUPERBOWL SPECIAL: Humility vs. Arrogance - Part 1

As a father to two sons, I talk often with my boys about humility and arrogance.  Sadly, we (as males) are prone to one over the other.  

More than talking with my sons about humility, I want to expose them to evidence of what humility can look like on a man.  Boys often confuse confidence and cockiness, humility and weakness.  Finding evidence of humility in the media can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack . . . particularly in the world of pop culture and professional sports.  Any time I stumble onto evidence, I love to park in front of the newspaper or computer screen with my guys, read articles, watch some footage and ask them questions about what they saw.  This experiment is not only about exposing them to evidence in our day and age, but wrapped in the hope of developing observant, thoughtful, critical thinkers.

As we are waste deep in Superbowl Season, consider showing your sons the following news story and brief interview with Seattle cornerback, Richard Sherman, following the NFC Championship Game. Take a look at this short interview with Sherman following the game, and after he was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct... READ MORE

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