The Role of Birth Order (Part 1)

Like many first time parents, the news of our pregnancy jumpstarted a desperate attempt at preparation.  We began researching strollers, infant carriers, cribs, car seats, pediatricians, and frantically reading books on all things baby.  One of the books noted that reading to the baby in the womb could boost intelligence, so I started reading Charlotte’s Web aloud at night, while my wife chuckled aloud at my efforts. When our daughter came on the scene, we piped classical music in to her nursery (something else we’d read boosted intelligence), became hyper-focused on her sleeping, eating and pooping patterns, and generally consumed with her development as only first time parents can be. 

A year later, we celebrated being pregnant for the second time.  With absolutely no indicators of a different kind of pregnancy, it wasn’t until our ultrasound that we discovered we were having twins.  And not just twins, but twin BOYS.  We are still recovering from that news a decade later.  READ MORE

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