Humble Confidence...Camp Hopetown: Boy's Week

The all boys’ camp started off with a familiar story…the story of a boy who wanted freedom and decided he knew better than his father from Luke 15.

Melissa introduced the story of the prodigal son by talking about the importance of humble confidence, something we all want to instill in our boys.  She asked the guys to identify where in the story the son had an arrogant confidence and where he had one that was born out of humility.  You can guess their answers:  his arrogance came out when he wanted his inheritance now, and the humility when he returned to his father.  She then asked them where in the story they found themselves…asking for their inheritance, wandering, returning, or even watching from a distance as the jealous, older brother. 

The boys’ responses were indicative of all of us, at times... READ MORE

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