How to Use Books & Movies to Have Great Conversations With Your Kids

For any of you who've heard us speak before, you know we often use clips from films or television show to illustrate points. We like bringing visuals of the concepts we're talking around, and we've found clips can help bring those concepts to life. 

We use this same philosophy when working with kids and will periodically show scenes to help kids make connections.  We use them at camp, in groups, and with individual kids.  Several of our books include recommendations of films to watch with kids.  They may be stories rich in emotional content, films that invite critical thinking or drive thoughtful and important conversations with our kids.  

Because all three of us love reading and are passionate about literacy, we always recommend having kids read the book before they see the movie.  There is often so much more within the book than can be included in the film.  Furthermore, for some kids, knowing what will happen within the story may make seeing a particular scene within a movie less overwhelming (think Bridge to Terabithia) or scary (Chronicles of Narnia). READ MORE

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