Years ago I sat in an auditorium full of parents, grandparents, and elementary aged-children, cameras firing, videos recording, and little hands waving at family members in the audience.  It was Grandparent’s Day at my kids’ school – a day when grandparents walk in and out of classrooms admiring artwork, science projects, salt maps, and essays.  Each classroom displayed the work of diligent students, admired by doting parents and grandparents.  We then walked from their classrooms to an auditorium where our kids sang songs and shared stories. It’s a rare time where multiple generations are gathered in one space.  That year’s theme was Heirlooms.  Each child was invited to wear at least one heirloom during the program, something passed down from one generation to the next.  I surveyed these elementary students...

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Rally Idol

In our Intentional Parenting seminar, David talks about the importance of being a balanced parent.  In it, he talks about being balanced in several areas including emotion, support and time.  It’s actually a very challenging portion of our talk:  (moms, how much time are you spending supporting your sons academically and your daughters emotionally?  How much emotion do you have in response to their academics and emotions?) 

In his chapter on the same topic in our Intentional Parenting book, he challenges families to write a mission statement and reflect on how the time they spend together as a family reflects that mission statement.

What does your time together as a family look like?  How much time is spent in the car on the way to and from practices and lessons?  How much time is spent talking to each other?  How much time is spent giving to the things you feel passionate about? READ MORE

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Christmas List: Family Style

1)Watch a Christmas classic like White Christmas or Miracle on 34th Street together.

2)Choose a person in need and Christmas carol at their house with cookies or something the kids help you make for them.

3)When gathered around the table, come up with a wish list for what you WISH you could give each other...if money had nothing to do with it!

4)Have everyone choose someone meaningful to them and send them a personal Christmas card with a message or drawing of why they have made a difference...not just a family photo card (although those are great, too).

5)Think of someone who might be sad at Christmas time and make them a fun outside Christmas decoration (or you can buy one) and leave it outside their door late one night...all together...and go get hot chocolate or a treat on the way home!... READ MORE

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