Family Experiment - Service & Surprise

Today’s family experiment involves Service and Surprise.  I borrowed this idea from my delightful, creative neices and nephew.  They make trips to Target more enjoyable by asking the clerk who is scanning their merchandise what their favorite candy is.  Once they finish checking out, they circle back in line with that item, purchase and hand it over to the clerk with the simple words of “thanks for what you do and someone was thinking about you today.”  

They’ve also been known to...

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Family Experiment: Domestic Violence

Most of you who know us or have read our books know that we like Family Experiments.  We see it as a way to climb inside the minds and hearts of our kids, to better understand what they are thinking and feeling, and also as a means of helping them develop more critical thinking.   We’ve in the past recommended experiments like the Technology Sabbath, a Strengths Assessment, and from time to time will send you a link to a video to show your kids and ask some thoughtful questions after viewing.

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