Technology Tuesday: Taking Instagram On Your Family Trip

This summer, you’ll likely be taking a family vacation at some point.  If you have teenagers, they may be on the reluctant side.  They’re worried about what they’ll miss socially back at home, whether they’ll be 60 miles away or an entire ocean.  But, thanks to social media, they don’t have to miss much.  Or, maybe they have more reason to be reminded of what they’re missing.  It definitely goes both ways...

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An Intentional Family Summer

I’ve been talking to families a lot in the last few weeks about their summers.  Mostly, the kids talk about what vacations they’re taking and friends they’re planning to have over.  Mostly, the parents talk about time—and time—and time.  And they also talk about ways... they’re wanting to see their kids grow this summer.  You may have been thinking something along the same lines.  How can you make your summer more intentional?  How can you come together, not just to fill the time, but to connect in ways that grow your relationships?

This blog is our summer guide to lots of those ideas...

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