Fatherhood Changes a Man . . . Literally!

Men undergo hormonal changes as they prepare for fatherhood. Four to six weeks following the news of becoming a father, levels of the stress hormone, Cortisol, tend to spike and subside as the pregnancy continues.  Cortisol ignites a range of biological effects in response to stress to provide a state of balanced stability for our bodies and minds, needed for optimal functioning.  

Male hormones begin a seesaw effect as due date nears.  Roughly three weeks before the baby arrives, levels of testosterone in men, known as the “male hormone,” fall by roughly a third...

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A Father’s Love for His Girl

Your role is profound in the life of your daughter.   As a man, you have a unique ability to draw out her beauty—deeper beauty—than possibly anyone else in her life.  Tell her that she is beautiful, inside and out.  Encourage her and tell her when you see her kindness toward a friend of her tenderness toward an animal.  Speak to her strengths and love her through her weaknesses.  As you do these things, you touch on the femininity that is growing inside her.

You can also be affectionate with her, even when she gets older and starts to pull away.  She will be embarrassed by this, but that is all part of the adolescent ruse.  It’s embarrassing for your dad to do these things.  But she still enjoys them—even when she act like she doesn’t.  Put your arm around her at church.  Offer her your arm when you are walking into an event.  This kind of affection helps her feel cared for and valued... READ MORE

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