Technology Tuesday: The Story on Finstas

Have you heard your child use the word “Finsta?” (I think regularly, if our grandparents were to sit in on a conversation with teenagers, they would be as confused as if someone were speaking a foreign language.  Finsta…tweets…snaps…what are we talking about, anyway?).

So, here’s the story on finstas.  A finsta is what it sounds like—or what it sounds like if you’re 15 and thinking this way—a fake Instagram account.  (Get it…fake Insta?)  I hear about them weekly now in my counseling office.  Middle school girls tell me they have finstas with their very closest friends.  “You know, there are pictures you only want your best friends to see—like things you think are funny...

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Technology Tuesday: The Inside Scoop on Instagram

Just last week, I taught a parenting class on Raising Girls.  As is typically the case now, many of the questions at the end of the class were about social media.  Social Media has become many teen, tween, and even younger girls’ primary method of communication—with girls and other boys.  One girl recently said that snapchat has become the more casual way to approach someone.  She literally said that texting was too intimate.  Wow.  The world has changed drastically from when a boy had to call and ask a girl’s parent if he could speak to their daughter.  It has changed…and continues to daily.  And, as we say in almost every Technology Tuesday, we need to keep up.  They need us to keep up.

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