Technology Tuesday: Using Technology to Jumpstart Gratitude

As much as technology feels like a beast we’re trying to tame, we’re wanting to identify ways we can make it work for us.  And ways our kids can use it for good.

One of those ways can be to create a Gratitude Album.  I challenge many of the adolescents I work with to create this on their phone.  I encourage younger kids to build this on an ipad of their own, or…

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Instilling Gratitude in Kids

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Raising Boys and Girls!! Today, in honor of Thanksgiving, we wanted to share an excerpt on gratitude, from one of our books, Modern Parents, Vintage Values..., written by Melissa & Sissy.

What It Looks Like

In Mark 10:13-16, Jesus calls a child up to him from the crowd.  He calls and the child comes.  In other words, the child responds.  But, first, he must have seen and heard Jesus...  

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Research supports the benefits of gratitude.  We know it affects our happiness and our health.   Studies continue to link gratitude with life satisfaction.  How can we move our kids away from entitlement and more toward gratitude.  Here are three reminders to keep you moving in that direction.

1.     Model and Teach Gratitude.  Have a set aside time (dinner or bed-time) where family members share something from the day that they are grateful took place or are thankful to have.

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