Where Did Our Joy Go?

I set out this morning to find my joy.  Somewhere, along the way, I seem to have lost it.  Nothing’s bad.  I just don’t feel much joy these days.  Not in the places I normally do like relationships and work and my cute little dog.  Not even in the places I sometimes do like exciting upcoming trips.  Just couldn’t seem to find it.

So, I set out to.  I stayed home from church.  Cried a little and then decided it was time.  If I’m not finding it in the places I normally go, it’s time I really looked for it…looked in the only place I really trust.  I wanted to know what my Bible said about joy.  Not just “The joy of the Lord is your strength,” and all of the other verses I’ve read a million times (although just that could have been a hint to me.)  I wanted to do a study on joy.  And, as I looked in verse after verse, I realized they all said the same thing.  And didn’t say the same thing.  The resounding answer is that our joy is in Christ.  Period.  It never said, “You will find joy in your closest relationships.  Your favorite things.  It did not say we find our joy in anything—ANYTHING—apart from Christ.  But oh, how desperately I try.

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