Technology Tuesday: Taking Instagram On Your Family Trip

This summer, you’ll likely be taking a family vacation at some point.  If you have teenagers, they may be on the reluctant side.  They’re worried about what they’ll miss socially back at home, whether they’ll be 60 miles away or an entire ocean.  But, thanks to social media, they don’t have to miss much.  Or, maybe they have more reason to be reminded of what they’re missing.  It definitely goes both ways...

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Technology Tuesday: The Inside Scoop on Instagram

Just last week, I taught a parenting class on Raising Girls.  As is typically the case now, many of the questions at the end of the class were about social media.  Social Media has become many teen, tween, and even younger girls’ primary method of communication—with girls and other boys.  One girl recently said that snapchat has become the more casual way to approach someone.  She literally said that texting was too intimate.  Wow.  The world has changed drastically from when a boy had to call and ask a girl’s parent if he could speak to their daughter.  It has changed…and continues to daily.  And, as we say in almost every Technology Tuesday, we need to keep up.  They need us to keep up.

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Technology Tuesday: The Perils of Summer and Social Media

 “I took myself off instagram when I was on my family vacation.  I just had to take a break from seeing how much fun everyone else was having.”

A freshman in high school said these words to me this week.  She follows a long line of other girls who have realized the potential impact of social media.  For girls who compare themselves to others (aka all girls), it can become very discouraging.  As we say often in parenting seminars, loneliness doesn’t show up on instagram.  I don’t know that anyone (let’s be honest, adults) looks at social media and thinks, “I really love my life.”  Instead, we look at others’ more fun vacations, happier children and more perfect lives.  What we’re seeing is not reality.  Neither is what your son or daughter sees.  But, he doesn’t have the emotional maturity to know that.  She believes that every friend is having a better summer and getting with friends more than she is.  And, the problem with summer is that there is simply so much time.  They have more hours in the day to look at Instagram and read Tumblr and follow what their friends are doing on pinterest.  It can consume hours of their day and can easily become a lonely substitute for a social life. READ MORE

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